The Lonesome Losers

A Tribute To Yacht Rock

A Lonesome Journey

By on February 15, 2018

After years of musical confusion and wondering what these melodies were that were swimming around in my head. It found me, there it was right in front of me on TV, the Time-Life soft-rock music compilations. Those songs, those melodies, those sweet musical arrangements and of course Michael McDonald’s backup vocals on everyone’s music.

Song after song came across the television screen reminding me of long car rides sitting on mom’s lap in the front seat with no need for seatbelts. We had one of those sweet 1979 Ford LTD {Family Truckster} type station wagons with the seat that faced backward way in the back. That same seat was kindly
provided with no seat belts, but thank goodness it had ashtrays.

Mom had every Little River Band album on 8Track. She would rewind and fast forward to her favorite songs all day long. In one day she could rewind and fast forward to almost 16 songs, oh man if these millennials only knew what they were missing out on.

Shortly after ordering my first Time-Life collection I found out that my love of these soft rock hits was not seen as “manly” or “tough” in an ever-growing world of hard rock, 80’s glam, hip-hop, and autotune. I quickly found myself very lonesome while everyone laughed and called me a sissy and a loser. So I hid my love of Yacht Rock, singing only to myself, always making sure to name my Yacht Rock playlist “Hard Core Metal” so no one would catch on. Like any good addiction, I even hid it from my family and closest friends. A lonesome Loser I surely was searching for others.

Well, those days are over, I (we) am (are) not alone. Slowly but surely we are uniting, planning and organizing. Together, we are building a safe environment where those of us looking for more in our music and find ourselves looking back can gather in peace and rejoice that which is Yacht Rock. The Lonesome Losers, an experience like no other, a bright light of musical delight in a world of “your music sucks”.

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